My Pillow Reviews

My Pillow Reviews

Mary from Wisconsin said…I love these pillows. Bought two of them the first time, then I went and bought a 3rd one for my mom. She needed it since she was in a nursing home. I actually called their customer service a few months ago and the woman was very helpful. I mentioned that my pillows were feeling a little flat. She told me I should return them for new ones. Believe it or not she My Pillownot only spoke English, but I believe she was from the good old USA even! I would give the My Pillow 5 stars for sure and the same goes for customer service. A lot of people are never happy with anything, so my advice is to ignore most of the negative things said about My Pillow. My mom was worried that her pillow would get stolen, but the look of satisfaction on her face the first time she tried My Pillow was well worth the price. This is a great pillow in my opinion.

Jill from Michigan gave a My Pillow Reviews and said…I kept hearing tons of stuff about My Pillow so I decided I wanted to try it for myself. Boy did I love it! It felt great and I honestly couldn’t wait to lay my head down on it. It’s truly the best pillow I’ve ever used! It helps my neck pain & with some of the numbness in my arms too. I really do sleep like a baby now! This pillow is so comfortable. I definitely fall asleep quickly now compared to it taking an hour or more before. My days of fighting with a pillow every night to get to sleep days are truly over. This is one review for My Pillow that I had no trouble doing!


My Pillow Reviews – One Man’s Opinion

This pillow is unlike any other said Jack from California. We have tried a lot of different pillows but My Pillow is clearly the best for us. Other pillowMy Pillows we tried were like sleeping on a cinder block. They were too hard, too high, or both. Others were too floppy. I would literally sink right down into the bed. I also hate lumps which happens a lot with memory foam too.

I don’t know why but My Pillow allows my head to sink down to a level and then supports both my neck and my head just right. It’s the perfect angle and I just love this pillow! The outermost layer kind of rises up to cradle and cushion my head and neck. And here’s the important part; My Pillow seems to work equally well whether I’m on my side or back. If I wake up in the middle of the night and change sleeping position, the pillow is just fine. It hasn’t deformed from use earlier in the evening. It appears the recommended sizing also works quite well too. My wife and I are both very happy with the My Pillow.


I’m incredibly surprised by the negative reviews of this product. More importantly, I’m blown away by the level of hard core hate some people have. Be real folks. It has a sixty-day money back guarantee. What’s to lose? If you’re looking for a great pillow, I highly recommend you take a chance on the My Pillow. This Review is straight from the heart. I think you will love this pillow.


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